Sunday, July 22, 2007

Becky's Style

Becky Says:

"the first 2 im wearing an abercrombie and fitch dress/ top. i like it because if you want to be dressy you wear it as a dress or if you want causal just put jeans on with it. it reflects me because i love style && i have a lot of moods so how i wear it reflects how im feeling."

"the third picture is just forever 21 sunglasses and a top from who knows where :) i like it because its just a normal t-shirt that you can add style too if you want. you can just throw that on and put on some shades and go! that shows that im up to party or just hang out with friends."

"the last one is a shirt from who knows where, abercrombie jeans, && converse. its cool because you can add style to the top and jeans by what kind of shoes youre wearing. it reflects my personality by showing that im up to doing anything"


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